Get Noticed Locally, Online

We’re ideally placed to connect local charities and businesses with our 10,000+ Twitter followers and 20,000+ YouTube subscribers, and we love making new introductions across the community. Here are some  ways we can help you get you noticed locally, online…



  1. twitter-10kWe’re always happy to share news and events on social media, especially Twitter.  Just include @SWLTV in your tweet and attach an eye-catching photo or video and we’ll do our best to retweet it.
  2. We can now accept community submissions for our Articles page. You just need to Register and then click on the button at the bottom of that page to submit your article for review.  We use standard WordPress menus so you can easily compose and format your text, include great visuals, embed a video, and include links back to your main website.  Depending on your browser you can probably even copy/paste existing blog articles directly into the page and it’ll keep all the links and formatting.  Magic!
  3. We love to hear about local events, so once you’ve Registered you can create your own listing on our Local Events Calendar.  Just click on the button at the bottom of that page, add your event and contact details, include a photo, and link back to your own website or ticket services like Eventbrite.


  1. Our bread and butter is producing great videos for the YouTube era that tell local stories in a positive, upbeat way. We offer a full length (5 minute) advertorial report which includes a professional presenter, film crew, editing, and social media support, and a shorter (2 minute) advertorial format with or without presenter if money is tight, or you just prefer something “punchier”.
  2. Did you notice the Special Offers display at the top of every page on this site? For a small monthly fee you can create a special offer page (just like a regular article page) which feeds into the rolling Special Offers display automatically.  Your special offer page can contain photos, video, links and formatted text to make it look as attractive as possible.
  3. countdown-timerOnce you’ve created a local event on our calendar, you can have it “featured” which will boost it to the top of the listings regardless of the date, and/or create a really snazzy “countdown timer” which shows the number of days, hours, and minutes left – displayed as an attractive banner advert in the toolbar of every page on this site.  Just scroll down to the end of the Submit Events page.
  4. Like most Brits we grumble about adverts that cover the screen or interrupt the video itself, so we only offer Banner Adverts in spaces which don’t spoil the viewing experience.  The “Leaderboard” and “Sidebar” adverts appear on every page of our site and we also offer a “Below Video” option which appears exactly where you might expect! To make sure every advert gets a fair amount of exposure, they’re randomised and reloaded every time a new page is loaded as well as on a timed sequence. We’re currently offering some great rates for a 3 month trial period – you just need to supply a .jpg graphic (300 wide x 600 high for Sidebar adverts, or 804 wide x 151 high for Leaderboard or Below Video adverts) and your desired link.