Help Good Causes Get Noticed

One of the things we take most pride in at South West London TV is playing a positive role in the community, and Corporate Social Responsibility is much more than just a buzz-word for us… It underpins our entire operating model. The revenue we earn from paid work has already enabled us to shine the spotlight on literally hundreds of local charities and community causes on a pro bono basis and with the help of a select number of Sponsors, we’re able to keep this going.

We offer sponsorship deals in increments of £750 which just about covers the production costs of a typical presenter-led video report. Our sponsors donate that money to a local charity or cause of their choice with the stipulation it’s used to make a short promotional video with us.  Here’s an example:

It’s a classic three-way “win” – the charity or cause gets a professional video they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford, to spread awareness of their work and use for fundraising; the Sponsor gets to make a lasting difference in the community through a tax-deductible donation, and we get the pleasure of making a video to introduce another worthy local cause to our audience of 20,000+ YouTube subscribers and almost 10,000 Twitter followers.

In addition to publicly thanking each Sponsor in the video or videos they’ve funded, we also offer our Sponsors a dedicated profile page on our website, preferential rates on banner advertising, and active promotion on social media.

So if you’re looking to pay more than lip-service to Corporate Social Responsibility and help out in the local community, please get in touch and ask about becoming a Sponsor of South West London TV.