Surprise performance at Southside Shopping centre

Denise Waterman followed a tip-off to witness a brilliant “Flash Mob” by our friends at the World Heartbeat Music Academy at Wandsworth Southside shopping centre.

Special thanks for additional video footage from:

Michael Csanyi- Wills
Quinn Oulton
James Gero




  1. The song is "Cidade Maravilhosa", Wonderful City, in english, a tribute to the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Unfortunately the city became very dangerous, mainly for tourists, and wonderful is an adjective that belongs to the past.

  2. Dear Charles, my name is Vanessa and I live in Rio de Janeiro. You are absolutely right when you say the city became very dangerous, mainly for tourists. It is very sad to admit that corruption has spread thoughout most of our political spheres and even the police forces have been contaminated by it. It is hard for the population to live in an atmosphere of constant war and hear the news that another child was killed by a bullet( no one knows where it came from) while playing at a school yard . Constant conflicts between police and criminals kill civilians every day. But I can assure you Brazilian people do not deserve that. We are a pacific, friendly and hard working people. Rio de Janeiro is a wonderful and very beautiful city, as the song says. And we were very touched by hearing our song was played in such a far place. May our earts be together. Greetings from Brazil!