Ainsley Harriott, Celebrity TV Chef

In the first of a series of interviews with local celebrities and sports personalities from South West London, Denise Waterman introduces celebrity presenter and TV chef Ainsley Harriott who talks about Wimbledon, Wandsworth, diet, and the importance of sport. Ainsley gave this interview in support of the Wimbledon Sporting Project, for further details go to: http://www.truevolunteer.org/wsp/ @T_V_F

Jenny Holloway, keynote speaker at the BREW launch

Quadriga Classic Car Show at Cannizaro House

A treat for all lovers of classic and performance cars! Kelly gets exclusive access to the Quadriga Classic Car Show and gets the inside track on Ferrari, Porsche, Maserati, Lancia, Koenigsegg, and Jaguar. www.supervettura.com/ @SuperVettura www.cannizarohouse.com/ @cannizarohouse www.chelseacars.com/ @Chelseacars www.joemacari.com/ www.quadrigaclub.co.uk/

Jenny Holloway, keynote speaker at the BREW launch