Broken Bodies Broken Minds (some disturbing images)

As well as reporting on community issues in and around SW London, we also try to help out charities and causes where we can. This documentary highlights the plight of the stray dog population in Romania and was made for Wetnose Animal Aid with kind support and involvement of Amanda Holden, Peter Egan, Lorraine Chase, and Saffron Replublica. We've submitted thsi video for the House of Commons "Film the House" awards 2015. Please support us and support the many animal charities featured by sharing this far and wide. Thanks you.

Keep the 19 bus route in Battersea

Peter Egan meets Joe, the most amazing rescue dog during Wetnose trip to Kabul

Joe was near to death when the Nowzad animal shelter found him and took him under their wing. He's now made an amazing recovering as is simply the most affectionate and human dog you could hope to meet. Peter Egan tells his story during the recent Wetnose trip to Afghanistan. http://www.nowzad.com/ @nowzad http://www.wetnoseanimalaid.com/ @wetnoseanimal

Keep the 19 bus route in Battersea