Business Bites – Actions not Donations to save the planet

This month Kay Chauhan, Business Correspondent for Wandsworth Radio, also caught up with CEO and Founder of the Social Enterprise The Do-Nation, Hermione Taylor, who is an innovator who came up with a unique way of getting people to pledge actions to help the environment instead of donating money. Hermione is now in her 6th year with a staff of six and is helping businesses to find ways to engage staff to reduce carbon emissions by carrying out simple challenges such as cycling to work or taking the stairs, as well as helping business to enhance their environmental credentials and improve on their Bottom Line at the same time.

Jenny Holloway, keynote speaker at the BREW launch

Introducing the Vine Project, Sutton

The Vine Project finds new homes for unwanted furniture and kitchen appliances, around Sutton, Merton and parts of Surrey, providing a wide range of good quality items at affordable prices. By doing this they support local communities and families in need, as well as offering training and employment opportunities. www.thevineproject.co.uk @thevineproject1

Jenny Holloway, keynote speaker at the BREW launch