The future of Battersea Power Station

If you’re curious what the new developments at Battersea Power Station are going to look like, this short video by Master Planner Rafael Vinoly gives a great preview of the development which is set to transform the local area.



    1. You can' be serious. Properties there begin at 900K and the affordable housing is less than 8%. This is not a housing solution for local people – it is entirely for oligarchs form highly unstable countries who want to have a bolt hole when it all goes pear shaped.

  1. it's disgraceful!   1st, abandoning this beautiful & historical building, then allowing developers to make shit-loads of money by flipping the property repeatedly, all while raping the building of some of its treasures, & then having this ugly eyesore to look at!   the new buildings look like an all-inclusive vacation resort designed by someone with a.d.h.d., with the power plant strangled & hidden amongst the shitty architecture…

  2. I was hugely disappointed when I went past this on the train and realised you can hardly see the Power Station from the railway line.Some of the blocks do look rather unusual in design and I thought at first it was to maximise strength and daylight. However, the building in 2:00 to 2:10 I think looks a bit like an untidy pile of blocks. It looks futuristic, but then again so was Thamesmead – once.

  3. its a beautifull building and i want to see it in real life like it is but not like this its ugly wat you do an rallycross races have to be there like old thimes with ken block my favourite dont do this shit pls

  4. Battersea Power Station Development Company are destroying Chelsea Bridge Wharf. Their traffic along Sopwith Way, a 5mph service road, is now at 2-300 a day and most of it is doing 30-40mph, sometimes more. They are currently running an empty bus round Chelsea Bridge Wharf every 10 minutes form 8am to 10pm . I have videoed this bus at speed of up to 50 . Berkeley Homes own this private road and gave access to Batters Power Station Development Company without consulting residents.

  5. It's such a shame that this horrible development has now completely privatised the view of Battersea power station now. Have fond memories of always going past it on the train as a kid until a few years ago, now it'll be a sight only for the rich who live in those new apartments. Disgusting what's happening to London, none of the locals can afford to live there

  6. Battersea will lose it's touch, it will no longer be the powerful icon it once was. The apartment buildings are too tall (and quite ugly if i'm being honest!) and spoil the view. If you actually cared about the building, not just the money, you would have designed it around the station, maybe even themed it as such, but you're just turning it into a generic 21'st century luxury flat area.