Studio Filming has never been so easy!

We’re delighted to announce a great low budget filming service for local charities, businesses, and artists/performers who need professional video content to promote themselves online, but don’t want the fuss and expense of a full-blown location shoot…

We now offer “Breakfast TV” style filming at our all-weather, drop-in studio called “The Pod”, conveniently located in Putney SW15.  It seats up to 5 people (1 presenter and 4 guests) and is perfect for the following types of content:

  • A quick “elevator pitch” video for typically small/new business websites and social media.
  • News, events and announcements where time is a factor.
  • “This is me” style videos to add to talent websites and online profiles.
  • Unhurried interviews with a professional presenter, guaranteed to make you look (and sound) good on camera.
  • Video diaries and vlogs.
  • Quick Tips, Top Picks, and Expert Advice.
  • Client Testimonials.

Here’s an example of an interview geared towards our business audience:

And here’s our interview with talented local musicians Lavender Skies:

Prices start at £85+vat for a simple 30 minute filming slot with no presenter and basic editing, £150+vat with presenter (recommended), up to around £500+vat for a full afternoon with multiple guests (e.g. Client Testimonials), presenter, and basic editing into a “highlights” report.  And best of all, as long as the content is aimed at SW Londoners, we’ll be sharing it with our 20,000+ YouTube subscribers and 11,000+ social media followers to kick-start your own campaign!

The whole process is designed to be fast, effortless, and cost-effective, so if you’re interested in making a booking, please email us ( and include as much information about what you need and when you’re available as you can.  We look forward to confirming your booking and seeing you in The Pod very soon!!