Successful Christmas Tree Collections in Wandsworth 2020

Over the past fortnight the council has collected around 130 tonnes of unwanted trees. These will all now be turned into compost, some of which can be used in the borough’s parks and open spaces. Most were picked up from front gardens - but many thousands also had to be removed from Wandsworth’s 440 miles of pavement after people dumped theirs on the street. Footage Credit: Hannah Cayley and Branden Braganza

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Winners of the West London Business Awards 2020

Please join us in congratulating all of the featured winners of at the West London Business Awards 2020 at Twickenham. This longer video features interviews with the organisers and winners of some of the key categories, as well as some of the lavish entertainment provided by local talents. www.westlondon.com https://twitter.com/westlbusiness https://www.facebook.com/WestLondonBusiness https://www.linkedin.com/company/west-london-business https://tinyurl.com/WLBAwards2020

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Wandsworth Ultra-Ploggers on their final leg(s) – Part 1

Denise Waterman meets up with Cllr Sutters on a sunny Saturday as the interpid "Ultra-Ploggers" set off on the final leg of their jogging and litter-picking challenge along the length of the Thames. Supported by Wandsworth Council and part of the recent #MyWandsworth campaign to keep the borough clean and tidy. https://plogolution.com/ https://twitter.com/plogolution https://www.facebook.com/plogolution @wandbc https://www.wandsworth.gov.uk/mywandsworth

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STORM Peace Concert and Conference

Shelly Palmer and Chris Preddie OBE were back for the 15th STORM Peace Concert and Conference at the Clapham Grand. This annual event celebrates and raises awareness of the victims and impact of knife, gun, and gang crime, as well as domestic violence across London. http://stormempowerment.com/ http://twitter.com/MarieMBESTORM https://www.instagram.com/mariembestorm/ https://www.facebook.com/marie.hanson.370177 @stormempower @shellyVpalmer talks to @MarieMBESTORM @Chrispreddie @BrixSoupKitchen @VpoDr @MatteoBergamini @KimCaddy @BrandfuelUK @ClaphamGrand @metpoliceuk @Streetwiselaw @DarkWaveComics #knifefree

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Schools and Charities making full use of Balham Library

Shortly after International Book Day, we visited Balham Library who had invited Chestnut Grove Primary School to a special film screening and talk by Book Aid International who are based in South London. We were blown away by the delightful and very thoughtful comments of the pupils - too many great answers to share in this report! http://www.wandsworth.gov.uk/libraries https://bookaid.org/ http://www.chestnutgrove.wandsworth.sch.uk/ #gettoknowyourlibrary @ChestnutGroveAc @Better_Balham library @wandsworthlibs

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Get to know your ancestry at a Wandsworth library near you!

There heritage team at Battersea Library helped Denise Waterman trace her family tree back further than she thought possible - a fantastic free service and just one of many reasons to visit your local Wandsworth library. http://www.wandsworth.gov.uk/news/article/15040/get_to_know_your_library_helping_you_discover_who_you_really_are #gettoknowyourlibrary @Better_WHS @wandbc

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