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Storm Peace Concert 2017

We were honoured to attend the STORM Peace Concert again this year - highlighting both the impact of gun and knife crime on victims and their families, but also the positive efforts being made by so many community groups to provide opportunities and support for everyone involved. www.stormempowerment.com www.dreamsreality.co.uk http://www.jimmyasherfoundation.org/

Celebrating 25 years at Wimbledon Centre Court Shopping Centre

Playmobil Competition February 2017

We're excited to announce the first of a monthly series of free competitions in conjunction with Playmobil who hosted us at the Toy Fair Olympia 2017. This video include's Abigail's Top Picks for product sets being launched in February and you can find out how to enter our competition by going to: www.southwestlondon.tv/playmobil For those interested in Egyptian history, the water machine featured in this report is called a Shaduf. www.playmobil.com @PlaymobilUK

Storm Peace Concert 2017

TEDxWandsworth update

Tickets for TEDxWandsworth on 5th November at South Thames College have already sold out! Andrew Ballantine spoke to some of this year's partners and sponsors about their reasons for being involved, and it's not too late to get involved as a partners yourself! To find out more, email the team at partners@tedxwandsworth.com www.TEDxWandsworth.com @tedxwandsworth

Storm Peace Concert 2017

TEDxWandsworth comes to South Thames College

Kalpana Chauhan, co-organiser of TEDxWandsworth 2015 finds out what teachers Eddie Smith (Course Leader, Art and Design) and Mike Spence (Course Leader, Games Design) and their students at South Thames College are doing in preparation for the inaugural TEDxWandsworth event on Saturday 14 November 2015. Kalpana also speaks to volunteer speaker curator Jonathan Priest and sponsor Paul Mitchel of Le Bureau. Tickets to TEDxWandsworth are now all sold out but if you would like to win tickets upload your short video showing what you are doing to ‘Be the Change’ in your own life, community or workplace at #TEDxBeTheChange @TEDxWandsworth. Winners will have the chance to attend TEDxWandsworth as well as see their video showcased at the event. Happy filming and good luck. For more information about competition and event visit www.tedxwandsworth.com

Storm Peace Concert 2017

Rugby World Cup 2015 at the Richmond Fanzone

If you can't get to see the sport live, you can still share the excitement of RWC2015 by going to one of the four free Fan Zones. Keith Maynard checks out the Richmond Fanzone in the heart of SW London and even gets a lesson in Fijian Cibi... For more information about the Richmond Fanzone, events and matches happening during the Rugby World Cup, see below: http://www.richmond.gov.uk/home/rugby_world_cup/rwc2015_fanzone/rwc2015_fanzone_schedule.htm @RichmondFanzone

Storm Peace Concert 2017