Denise Waterman – Presenter


Role in SWL.TV

Presenter – mainly local people and events


Denise has had a very interesting career to date, from dancer with The Krankies to Benny Hill girl and being  a member of a pop group No 1 in 82 with Tight Fit….”The Lion Sleeps Tonight”.  But, she’s most at home working as a presenter. Having been involved with SWL.TV from the beginning she’s covered many great stories and campaigns.

Favourite Thing about SWL.TV

As the ‘people’ reporter she has the chance to get up close and personal with the characters she meets… and there have been many! The channel has gone from strength to strength and long may it continue, one things for sure….. Denise will be out and about capturing it all along with the SWL.TV team!

Life Outside of SWL.TV

Well, it’s probably easier to ask what’s she not up to! Denise runs an open music mic night every Wednesday in Wimbledon Village. Tight Fit are back together after over 30 years doing 80’s parties and corporate events around the country. She runs  confidence building workshops for children aged between 5-12

You’ll find her at the gym 5 days a week. Add to that working as a professional voice over and commercial actress and at times she sits down and relaxes!