Fiona Small

Role in SWL.TV



Fiona is an international host, speaker, and presenter who’s passionate about improving the lives of women and young mothers. She’s enjoyed speaking around the world and conducting interviews with renowned comedians, technology experts, and more. She’s a passionate advocate for and minorities and has spoken on the BBC and other national radio networks. A natural TV personality, Fiona looks forward to launching her own show in the future and is the proud recipient of numerous awards for her global activism and speaking.

Favourite thing about SWL.TV

Fiona loves the variety of topics she’s able to dive into with SWL.TV. She enjoys getting to know people from all walks of life and talking about the real issues they face.

Life Outside SWL.TV

When she’s not presenting, Fiona is the founder and director of Young Mums Support Network, a community interest organisation that provides support to young mothers. She’s also an event host and mentor, a mum to two children and enjoys spending family time together travelling across England outside of work.


Twitter: @fionasmalls
Instagram: @fionasmalls