Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London

Not everyone knows the name of their local MP let alone their face, voice or what they stand for. Alastair Greener spoke to the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan when he was running for re-election as Tooting’s Member of Parliament.



  1. Society wants to know…..the major according to the EU commission received 600 million pounds 201-17 for priority expenditure to spend on life long learning for predonomently severely disabled adults (blind) in London and the south east to meet international treaty obligations on human rights for these vulnerable people.This money must be spent on the access for the blind to london universities tec. My friend applied for this money to attend a short course at the LSE. The major has not been able to explain who in the disabled community has received this money as of right or pay my friend for access to this course. The universities point to the major as misapproapriating this money which has not been received to help severely disabled adults. Where is it and who if any disabled has actually received it for its intended purpose? We now want a public enquiry to find out why this money has not been paid to disabled adults as directed. if the ansawer is the money has been misappropriated to political projects the disabled community wants this money back !!!