Keep the 19 bus route in Battersea

The number 19 bus runs from Battersea Bridge Road to Finsbury Park and is a well-used route connecting thousands of people every day from the borough to central and north London.

Under proposals put forward by the Mayor the route will be changed so it only runs from Finsbury Park to Holborn where it will terminate.

Full article by Wandsworth Borough Council here:



    1. OK, but it's a bit unfair implying biased reporting just because you don't agree (as is your right) with what someone we featured is saying in their official capacity. Better perhaps to just say what you disagree with and why, or even better share facts you think might be relevant but missing. Thanks.

  1. A troy polical broadcast. Troies blaming everyone party from themselves. Stop troies spread they rubbish. Wandsworth concuil is troy and mayor is new labour so please read between the lines. Swtv should be ashamed of not having balance view and being a sound broad for troy party.

    1. Sorry you think the views of the bus users we spoke to are "rubbish". There's no shame at all in championing a cause that local people feel strongly about. Just like we did with the Wheatsheaf Pub which Sadiq Khan himself campaigned for (you can watch it here: We really don't care what party a champion belongs to if it's a worthy cause, and the only person disparaging or "blaming" other people here is you Alex.