Mia Bazzoui – Assistant Producer


Mia will be getting involved in pretty much every aspect of online TV production from filming, directing and editing (a particular interest) to research, scripting and location scouting, reaching out to new contacts and organisations across SW London, and maximising our coverage both on YouTube and other key social media platforms.


Mia is exploring her passion for all things TV and currently completing a Masters in Broadcast Journalism at City University. She is exploring local stories on a weekly basis and meeting new and exciting people wherever she goes. Before this Mia was heavily involved in Musical Theatre whilst completing her degree at Durham, where she starred in several productions; her favorite being Mrs Lovett in Sweeney Todd!

Favourite thing about SWL.TV

It gives South & West Londoners a platform to show their stories to a large audience, covering stories with a positive spin reminding us of the beauty in humanity!

Life Outside SWL.TV

Mia loves volunteering at Radio Chelsea and Westminster, watching comedies and most importantly spending time with her family. She also loves to cook and has constantly got her nose in a recipe book!