Peter Fison – Producer

Role in SWL.TV

Founder and Executive Producer.


Peter originally made a name for himself as an IT Project Manager, leading large international teams for multinationals like IBM and GSK both in the UK and abroad. He set up his own media production company in 2007 and soon realised the days of producing corporate videos on DVDs were numbered. He therefore re-imagined and re-created the company from the ground up, transforming it into the thriving community-led online TV channel it is today.

Favourite thing about SWL.TV

Getting to play with all the latest TV production toys. Meeting new people every week.  Feeling warm and fuzzy about charities and businesses we’ve helped promote on South West London TV.  Occasionally seen with a beard!

Life Outside SWL.TV

Lives in Putney.  Huge fan of everything the area has to offer.  Loves meeting new people and discovering new places. Doting Dad and occasional dog-walker.


Through this site. Twitter: @SWLTV, or email  Prefers not to take unscheduled calls and turns mobile off when on location or in meetings.