September 27th 2017 is a date of national significance: it marks National Fitness Day where the nation will be celebrating the fun of fitness and physical activity.

Fitness, as we know, is holistic, and this date also marks another important initiative – the launch of Gospel on The Rise a new community gospel choir in the heart of Clapham Junction. From easing stress to improving the heart rate, to helping with asthma and even snoring, the benefits of singing have been well documented and residents are invited to try a hearty dose of gospel singing at the Gospel on The Rise Launch Taster Session taking place on 27th September 2017.

Why Fitness?

The challenge of busy lifestyles, the age of technology and the abundance of fast foods has heralded a rise in obesity across the country. This momentous day will see a diverse range of fitness activities offered to the general public that will improve health and vitality.

Why Singing?

The health benefits of singing have been scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety, alleviate depression and release natural ‘happy hormones’ such as endorphins and oxytocin. The launch will empower singers to get fit from the inside out, re-vitalising them whilst learning to sing and having lots of fun. Session members are guaranteed an evening of moving, and grooving, at the end of which they will leave with a pep in their step!

 Why Gospel?

Gospel music is a globally sought after, uplifting and inspiring art form. Within the past decade its platform has grown and is becoming increasingly popular in schools, communities, workplaces and across the country and even across Europe.

The Gospel Choir is a phenomenon in itself, uniting a diverse range of individuals from varying backgrounds, abilities, ages, beliefs and various experiences of the genre – from those who have a connection to the sound, to those who are simply interested in trying something different. Gospel (meaning ‘good news’) music covers positive themes of love, hope, joy, courage, strength, faith and unity – themes which unite us all.

Why Clapham Junction?

After living in the Clapham Junction area all her life whilst traveling the world over teaching this vibrant genre, Karen decided that it was high time that she brought the energy, exhilaration and excitement of gospel music to her home town.

The 12-week initiative will begin with a taster session at Fresh Ground London, 68 Battersea Rise, SW11 1EQ. Residents of the area are invited to sign up, bring lots of energy, and they are sure to find that this workshop will not only be inspiring and educational but a lot of fun too!



Led by award-winning gospel choir conductor and TV judge Karen Gibson, this community choir promises to bring music, joy and community to it’s the area – her home of many years.

Known for the high quality of her work, Karen’s experience is extensive. She has been involved with vocal groups and choirs for over 25 years, conducting gospel workshops across the UK and Europe as well as Nigeria, Japan, Zimbabwe, Rwanda and the USA. Of her work, it has been said:

‘Karen Gibson knows how to bring the best out of people, to allow their latent talent to come alive and, most importantly, to create a synergy that ensures the music is tight, strong, and yet also borne on the wings of a poised ensemble’

FFI contact Karen Gibson at or on

+447966 137 287

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