51st State Band – 360 degree video (1)

Check out our latest 360 degree video! If you're watching on a smartphone you can move around to watch from literally any angle, and if you're watching on a computer, just click and drag the mouse to change the viewing angle. The original video was filmed in 8K so if you have a really good internet connection, feel free to click the "cog" icon at the bottom right of the video player to increase to the maximum possible quality setting. The 51st State Band represents the spirit of World Heart Beat Music Academy, bringing young musicians of all ages, backgrounds and abilities together to learn and play in a band where every member is a vital part of a complete whole. Their annual concert at Putney Arts Theatre was a chance for the band to truly shine and showcased the variety, energy and dedication that students of the World Heart Beat Music Academy thrive on. Over the years they've have had some incredible guests; giving their young musicians the opportunity to play alongside renowned musicians who inspire them and our audience. http://www.worldheartbeat.org @whbeat

Al fresco boost for Battersea street

World Heartbeat Music Academy at the Putney Arts Centre

Charlie Shakespeare makes his debut for SWL.TV reporting from an amazing local performance by Wandsworth's own World Heart Beat Music Academy featuring young people from the area and supported by internationally acclaimed musicians Byron Wallen, Tony Kofi, Patrick Clahar, Tammy Weis, Laci Olah with the awards being presented by Julian Joseph and Alun Armstrong. www.worldheartbeat.org @whbeat

Al fresco boost for Battersea street