Amazing world-class defense techniques from South London Krav Maga

*** This video has NOT been speeded up in any way. Filmed and mastered at 50 frames per second to capture the lightning-fast moves that are the trademark of Krav Maga *** Simon Pither introduces the opening seminar for the inauguration of FEKM-UK - the UK branch of the European Federation of Krav Maga. 5th Darga black belt Michael Obadia leads the class with an inspiring demonstration of world class techniques.. http://www.southlondonkravmaga.com @kravmaga_london

S.T.O.R.M. Women of Power Conference

Anything but the Gym: Krav Maga

As part of her on going quest to avoid the gym, Pia Jackson tries her hand at Krav Maga under the expert supervision of Simon and Remi from South London Krav Maga. Based in Brixton they have a direct link to the original founder of the system through the FEKM, the official European governing body, of which they are the first London Club. Just remember - Don't try this at home! www.southlondonkravmaga.com @kravmaga_london Background music: Hydra by DJ Fire-Black.

S.T.O.R.M. Women of Power Conference

Brixton Urban Art Fair

Pia Jackson takes us on a "little art adventure" on a fabulous Summer weekend in Brixton. www.urbanart.co.uk @urbanartbrixton www.positivearts.co.uk @positiveartsuk http://www.greatart.co.uk @GreatArt_UK www.photowalksoflondon.com @Photowalkslondo www.keatingestates.com @KeatingEstates www.steveyeates.co.uk www.priscillawatkinsart.co.uk @Phthaloturquois www.martingrover.com @MartinGroverUK www.wills-art.com @wills_art

S.T.O.R.M. Women of Power Conference