Well Hung Episode 8 – London Fashion Week special

Alex Willis-Bray and Jono Molloy visit London Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2014 and meet up with Spencer Matthews and Oliver Proudlock from Made in Chelsea, Daybreak's Mark Heyes, Gracie Opulanza from Mens Style Fashion and Jono gets a demonstration of the new Samsung Galaxy Gear. http://www.twitter.com/wellhungfashion http://www.facebook.com/wellhungfashion

The Pod: Episode 10: Lenka H, Therapist Coach Trainer

Well Hung Episode 4 featuring David Gandy, Colour Blocking, and T-shirts!

In this episode, Alex chats to David Gandy, and designers Domingo Rodriguez & Tom Lipop (T.LIPOP) and Jono learns about transforming a T-shirt at The Fara Workshop. We also learn about how to use colour to flatter your body. Menswear fashion show, presented by Jono Molloy and Alex Willis-Bray. http://www.twitter.com/wellhungfashion http://www.facebook.com/wellhungfashion Copyright Alex Willis-Bray & Jono Molloy

The Pod: Episode 10: Lenka H, Therapist Coach Trainer