Victor Castejon – Cameraman, Editor


Role in SWL.TV

Filmmaker and video editor.


Victor is a Middlesex University, SAE Institute Audio Production BSc [Hons] graduate with over 15 years experience in the TV and radio industry. He specialises in sleek filming and editing for a number of family friendly brands, products and services.

He regularly works with PR & media agencies all over London filming and editing corporate videos, promotional films and clips for social media. Most of the content he delivers is destined for social media platforms and for the last 2 years Victor has run The Quick Brown Fox Video Production, a video production company specialising in video content for small and medium size businesses.

Favourite thing about SWL.TV

Every project is unique and you are always meeting new people, hanging out backstage at events and being the first to hear exciting South London news.

Life Outside SWL.TV

Victor loves spending time with his family, cycling along the Thames and craft beer tastings with his mates.


Visit The Quick Brown Fox to send a message or just say hi!