Behind the Scenes on an SWL.TV shoot

Never a dull moment filming with SWL.TV


I normally arrive shortly before filming and the Producer briefs me over coffee. By the time I sit down to edit I already know what’s required from my editing work. As a cameraman / editor it’s important I have as much information as possible before filming starts and Peter is always very mindful of this. Having loads of information means the final product has a better chance to be successful.

When it comes to equipment and gadgets, SWL.TV is always on the ball with every little detail required during a shoot. There’s always accessories and gadgets available at a moment’s notice. Bits of kit you didn’t know you would need during the shoot – you can be sure we have them in the bag! Whether there’s a problem accessing power or you need a different cable or connector there’s always a solution.


SWL.TV is extremely committed to their brand; they’ve prepared  clear guidelines specific to each type of video they create for the channel and train all the channel’s Presenters and Crew on the channel’s in-house style. On top of that, support is always available over the phone or via email if I have any questions, or I can refer to the Top Secret “SWL.TV Style Guide”!


I’ve also worked on a couple of projects with SWL.TV trying out collaborative editing.  This has proved to be extremely convenient and relevant for this day and age when technology, and customer expectations are moving so fast. Working remotely on video editing is becoming more and more important for videographers across the world.

When I’m not working on SWL.TV productions I run my own successful business, The Quick Brown Fox Video Production. We specialise in carefully crafted video content for family friendly brands, products and services, working closely with agencies and events organisers.