WHERE are the people like me, doing the things I enjoy doing?

Tell me, have you even been in any of the following situations?

1. It’s 11pm and the debate starts.. anyone know where we can go next/ where’s going to be busy/ where are all the bloody people. Not to mention the overwhelming feeling of self promo wafting out of Dojo. Cue frantic Googling as the landlord of the crap pub you’re in yells last orders and you’re shunted out to wander the streets of South London. Giving up after 15 minutes when your shoes are murdering your feet and your stomach convinces you a kebab would be a great life choice.

2. It’s 3pm on a Saturday, all your mates are either busy with their girlfriends or hungover with their faces shoved in a half eaten dominoes. What you really fancy is a quick kick-around, is there an etiquette to wandering up to a group of random people and proffering your right leg and asking to join in? Not very British is it. Back to watching Dave it is then.

3. Sitting with your arms resting on a table that is thick with old sticky beer next to 93 year old Joe Michaels watching the rugby in a rubbish pub on Clapham Common – no offence to Joe but the atmosphere is about as dead as he is. Sigh.

We’ve all been stuck in one or more of these situations and it sucks.

WHERE are the people like me, doing the things I like doing, right now?! 

As three South West Londoners suffering from all of the above and knowing we weren’t the only ones, we decided enough was enough.

So we began creating an app to be launched this Summer that will help you to find out where like-minded people are hanging out right now, whether it be for Socialising/ Playing Sports or Watching Sports. A good atmosphere isn’t created by a venue, it’s the people in it – don’t worry we’re not asking you to meet people, that’s been done a million times over (and we know Brits secretly hate meeting new people) but it’s nice to know where people like you are hanging out.

Kind of like a heat map for fun in SW London.

Encouraging users to post their activities and what the vibe is like. A fly on the wall if you will, to tell you what a place is like before you have to make the leap of faith and go there. We’d absolutely love if we could get the whole of SW London using WHERE, so we can all share as many activities and happening venues as possible!

Sign up and be the first to hear when we launch today: www.wherewolf.io

On socials @ThisisWhereUK

If you have any ideas or would like any more info about WHERE then I’d love to hear from you: hannah@zoneapp.co.uk