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Mariam Gevorkian

Role in SWL.TV Politics and Culture Correspondent Career I’m currently in my final year studying Politics and International Relations at Royal Holloway University of London. Whilst studying I have engaged in numerous placements with media companies including Insanity Radio FM., Shout OUT U.K, and Winkball. I’ve produced created documentaries and write a blog on issues […]

Employ Wandsworth – Exhibitor Feedback

If you’re a local business, or wish to recruit local people for your company, get in touch with Work Match. We offer a free recruitment service, bespoke to your business needs. If you’d like to exhibit at a future event, please get in touch with the Business Engagement Team on 020 8871 5191 or contact wandsworthworkmatch@wandsworth.gov.uk www.wandsworthworkmatch.org

Employ Wandsworth – Visitor Feedback

If you’re a Wandsworth resident, looking for work closer to home, perhaps your interested in training or require employment support, then get in touch with Work Match 020 8871 5191 www.wandsworthworkmatch.org wandsworthworkmatch@wandsworth.gov.uk

Employ Wandsworth – Overview

If you’re a Wandsworth resident, looking for work closer to home, perhaps your interested in training or require employment support, then get in touch with Work Match 020 8871 5191 www.wandsworthworkmatch.org wandsworthworkmatch@wandsworth.gov.uk

Wandsworth Ultra-Ploggers on their final leg(s) – Part 1

Denise Waterman meets up with Cllr Sutters on a sunny Saturday as the interpid "Ultra-Ploggers" set off on the final leg of their jogging and litter-picking challenge along the length of the Thames. Supported by Wandsworth Council and part of the recent #MyWandsworth campaign to keep the borough clean and tidy. https://plogolution.com/ https://twitter.com/plogolution https://www.facebook.com/plogolution @wandbc https://www.wandsworth.gov.uk/mywandsworth

Wandsworth Workmatch opens its doors in Falcon Road

Denise Waterman returns to Work Match, this time for the opening of their new Falcon Road centre. A great service provided by Wandsworth Borough Council for connecting job seekers and businesses across the borough. https://www.wandsworthworkmatch.org/

Thessaly Bridge transformed into ‘Happy Street’

Denise Waterman was thrilled to follow the story of the Thessaly Road regeneration and attended the opening of the revamped bridge along with council members, local residents, teachers and pupils. "Happy Street" by Yinka Ilori has finally become a reality. Judge for yourself! #HappyStreet @wandbc

STORM Peace Concert and Conference

Shelly Palmer and Chris Preddie OBE were back for the 15th STORM Peace Concert and Conference at the Clapham Grand. This annual event celebrates and raises awareness of the victims and impact of knife, gun, and gang crime, as well as domestic violence across London. http://stormempowerment.com/ http://twitter.com/MarieMBESTORM https://www.instagram.com/mariembestorm/ https://www.facebook.com/marie.hanson.370177 @stormempower @shellyVpalmer talks to @MarieMBESTORM @Chrispreddie @BrixSoupKitchen @VpoDr @MatteoBergamini @KimCaddy @BrandfuelUK @ClaphamGrand @metpoliceuk @Streetwiselaw @DarkWaveComics #knifefree

Fiona Small

Role in SWL.TV Presenter Career Fiona is an international host, speaker, and presenter who’s passionate about improving the lives of women and young mothers. She’s enjoyed speaking around the world and conducting interviews with renowned comedians, technology experts, and more. She’s a passionate advocate for and minorities and has spoken on the BBC and other […]

Get ready for the Merton Business Awards 2019

Diana Sterck from @MertonChamber announces this year's #MertonBest business awards. Outstanding catering and venue by @SouthThamesColl / @TasteSTC . https://www.mertonbestbusiness.co.uk/

Local Beaver Scouts clean up Furzedown

Volunteers and parents from the 4th Streatham Beavers / Scouts group did their bit for the community by cleaning up unwated litter around Furzedown as part of the #MyWandsworth anti-litter campaign. Denise Waterman met the children, the leaders and Cllr Steffi Sutters on a rather cold and windy March morning! #MyWandsworth www.wandsworth.gov.uk/mywandsworth

Schools and Charities making full use of Balham Library

Shortly after International Book Day, we visited Balham Library who had invited Chestnut Grove Primary School to a special film screening and talk by Book Aid International who are based in South London. We were blown away by the delightful and very thoughtful comments of the pupils - too many great answers to share in this report! http://www.wandsworth.gov.uk/libraries https://bookaid.org/ http://www.chestnutgrove.wandsworth.sch.uk/ #gettoknowyourlibrary @ChestnutGroveAc @Better_Balham library @wandsworthlibs

BREW – Building Resilience and Enterprise in Women

As part of Enterprise Month and hot on the heels of International Women's Day, we were excited to attend a series of workshops and inspirational speeches launching the BREW project - Building Resilience in Women. https://www.wandsworthlifelonglearning.org.uk/guide/brew/ https://twitter.com/WBCLLearning https://www.facebook.com/WandsworthLifelongLearning/

SW11 trailer

Delighted to share a short teaser for a film about the Winstanley estate battersea #SW11 by talented filmmaker Harry Buchan, first published this time last year... Check out the full report on his channel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zV7nQnCrbDk

Earlsfield Gin Festival at Ben’s Canteen

We stopped by Ben's Canteen in Earlsfield to enjoy and support Earlsfields' first ever Gin Festival. Gin Blogger Sarah B reports. www.benscanteen.com www.instagram.com/ginwithsarahb

Wandsworth Council launches smart bin trial

Fiona Small follows the story of how people across Wandsworth are trying to keep the borough neat and tidy and protect the environment they live and work in. This short report highlights an innovative trial of Smart Bins which automatically send an alert when they're getting close to being full. @wandbc www.wandsworth.gov.uk/mywandsworth #MyWandsworth

Wandsworth Council is recruiting: Director of Children’s Services

Wandsworth Council is currently recruiting for the role of Director of Children's Services. This is a quick round-up of the qualities some young people who have been through the process are looking for...

Get to know your ancestry at a Wandsworth library near you!

There heritage team at Battersea Library helped Denise Waterman trace her family tree back further than she thought possible - a fantastic free service and just one of many reasons to visit your local Wandsworth library. http://www.wandsworth.gov.uk/news/article/15040/get_to_know_your_library_helping_you_discover_who_you_really_are #gettoknowyourlibrary @Better_WHS @wandbc

Keep Wandsworth clean and tidy – Come “Plogging”!

As part of the #MyWandsworth campaign to keep the borough clean and tidy, Denise Waterman finds out more about a fun way of staying fit and doing your bit at the same time! It's called Plogging... https://plogolution.com/ https://twitter.com/plogolution https://www.facebook.com/plogolution @wandbc https://www.wandsworth.gov.uk/mywandsworth

Swim Wimbledon

Rob Bell literally jumps in at the deep end while finding out more about Swim Wimbledon and a petition to make the water in Wimbledon Park accessible to all... https://www.swimwimbledon.co.uk/ https://twitter.com/swimwimbledonp1 https://www.facebook.com/swimwimbledonpark/

Wandsworth Ultra-Ploggers on their final leg(s) – Part 2

Denise Waterman talks to Michelle and Dermot, the interpid "Ultra-Ploggers" as they prepare for the final leg of their jogging and litter-picking challenge along the length of the Thames. Supported by Wandsworth Council and part of the recent #MyWandsworth campaign to keep the borough clean and tidy. https://plogolution.com/ https://twitter.com/plogolution https://www.facebook.com/plogolution @wandbc https://www.wandsworth.gov.uk/mywandsworth

Shelly Palmer

Role in SWL.TV Presenter Career As a local resident and relative newcomer to the South West Television team I’ve really enjoyed learning about the charitable local projects which are going on in and around the borough and the inspiring local people behind some of these projects. Favourite thing about SWL.TV The variety of the projects […]

The Pod: Episode 10: Lenka H, Therapist Coach Trainer

In episode 10 of our interviews in "The Pod", Denise Waterman talks with Clinical Hypnotherapist and Coach Lenka Hanzelova about making positive and lasting changes to ourselves and our lives in a fast and effective way. https://www.lenkah.com https://twitter.com/LenkaHCoach https://www.facebook.com/LenkaH.Therapies.Coaching

The Pod, Episode 11: Naturopathy by Anita Chakraburtty

In episode 11 of our interviews in "The Pod", Denise Waterman chats with the lovely and talented Anita Chakraburrty and finds out some surprising facts about Naturopathy. http://multidimensionalhealing.co.uk @AChakraburtty

Introducing Mira Bar-Hillel, Tenants’ Champion for Wandsworth

Wandsworth Councillor Kim Caddy visits the newly appointed Tenants' Champion Mira Bar-Hillel. If you're having difficulties with your landlord or managing agen you can contact the Wandsworth Private Sector Tenants' Champion by emailing: TenantsChampion@wandsworth.gov.uk

The Pod, Episode 12, Wimbledon Village Business Association

In episode 12 of our interviews in "The Pod", Denise Waterman chats with Adrian Mills, the passionate and talented ambassador for Wimbledon Village and the Wimbledon Village Business Association. https://www.wimbledon-village.com/ https://twitter.com/WimbledonVil https://www.facebook.com/wimbledonvillage

West London Business Awards 2019

The West London Business Annual Awards presentation ceremony and gala dinner is established as a key milestone in the annual calendar of the sub-region’s business community. Twenty-nine awards showcase business excellence in West London around five themes: ‘Sector leadership’, ‘Sustainable & responsible business’, ‘Economic growth’, ‘Corporate leadership’ and ‘Individual leadership’. The sixth West London Business Awards, which launched in July 2018, were the best yet! The awards help promote West London talent, entrepreneurship and drive to a national and global audience – sending a clear signal that we are very much ‘open for business’. This year more than 400 guests attended the awards ceremony and gala dinner at Twickenham Stadium. It was a fun-filled evening for attendees, and the event also supported local non-profits working to develop the next generation of talent; and showcase their skills. www.westlondon.com

Save our 19 Bus

The 19 Bus route is under threat and Wandsworth Council are lobbying TFL to rethink their plans. This short video shows the entire route, sped up over 3000%, with a voiceover from Cllr Cook from Wandsworth Borough Council. www.wandsworth.gov.uk @wandbc

West London Business Award Winners 2019

INDIVIDUAL LEADERSHIP • West London Business Leader of the Year: Emma Hindes • Lifetime Achievement in Business Award: Andrew Ward SME SECTOR LEADERSHIP • Business Services Company of the Year • Winner – First Business Water - @FirstBusinessW • Highly Commended – Locata Housing Services - @Locatahousing • Creative/Media Business of the Year • Winner – Big Group - @biggrouplondon • Highly Commended – DAZN - @daznglobal • Education and Training Provider of the Year • The JGA Group - @JGAGroup • Finance Business of the Year • Beond Group - @Beondgroup • Food and Drink Business of the Year • Winner – Curious Roo Coffee Roasters - @CuriousRoo • Highly Commended – Ma Baker - @MaBakerBakes • Health and Wellbeing Business of the Year • Harrow Mencap - @Harrowmencap • Hospitality Business of the Year • Winner – Artisan - @artisan_coffee • Highly Commended – The Copthorne Tara Hotel - @CopthorneTara • Logistics Business of the Year • Alexanders Removals and Storage - @AlexandersRemov • Manufacturing/Reprocessing Business of the Year • Everglade Windows - @EvergladeWindow • Property and Construction Business of the Year • KSBC - @KSBC_London • Retail / Wholesale Business of the Year • Winner – Petit Miracles - @petitmiracles • Highly Commended – World of Tattoos • Technology Business of the Year • CustoMem - @CustoMem SUSTAINABLE & RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS • Apprentice of the Year • Winner – Beata Capoferri (Training provider: The JGA Group; Employer: The GMT Group) [pronounce Bee-atta] • Highly Commended – o Mohammad Umar Ahmed (Training provider: West Met Skills/ HCUC; Employer: University of Westminster) o Mohamed Alotia (Training provider: London Metropolitan University; Employer: Harrow Council) o Thomas Gillet (Training provider: West Met Skills/ HCUC; Employer: One Care iT Limited) o Kamil Rej (Training provider: The JGA Group; Employer: Accendo Pharma) o Connor Williams (Training provider: West Met Skills/ HCUC; Employer: John Guest) • Community Investment Award • Action West London - @ActionWLondon • Green ‘Circular Economy’ Business of the Year • Proper Oils - @ProperOils • Responsible Supply Chain Business of the Year • Winner – Lofbergs - @LofbergsUK • Highly Commended – APCOA - @APCOAUK • Responsible Workplace Award • Alexanders Removals and Storage - @AlexandersRemov ECONOMIC GROWTH • Coworking Space of the Year • Central Working White City - @centralworking • Export/International Business of the Year • Medidata - @Medidata • Start-up of the Year • TempaGoGo - @TempaGoGo • High Growth SME of the Year • Timeline Television - @Timeline_TV • Park Royal Business of the Year • Powerday - @PowerdayPLC CORPORATE LEADERSHIP • Financial Growth Corporate of the Year • Flannery Plant Hire - @Flanneryplant • Customer Partnership Corporate of the Year • Winner – Powerday - @PowerdayPLC • Highly Commended – Openreach - @WeAreOpenreach • Socially Responsible Corporate of the Year • Winner – Cisco - @Cisco • Highly Commended – Whitbread - @WhitbreadPLC • West London Company of the Year • Powerday - @PowerdayPLC

Step Free Dance perform at Twichenham Stadium

Step Free Dance were one of the outstanding young entertainers at the 2019 West London Business Awards at Twickenham Stadium. Great to see local business championing local talent and we wish these young stars all the best and every success! :) www.stepfreedance.com @stepfreedance

STORM Women’s Conference 2019

Marie Hanson MBE and other talented volunteers and speakers got together at STORM in Battersea to celebrate International Women's Day 2019. Denise Waterman was on hand to meet the ladies and find out more... www.stormempowerment.com https://twitter.com/MarieMBESTORM https://www.facebook.com/marie.hanson.370177

Keep the 19 bus route in Battersea

The number 19 bus runs from Battersea Bridge Road to Finsbury Park and is a well-used route connecting thousands of people every day from the borough to central and north London. Under proposals put forward by the Mayor the route will be changed so it only runs from Finsbury Park to Holborn where it will terminate. Full article by Wandsworth Borough Council here: http://www.wandsworth.gov.uk/news/article/14799/councils_rallying_cry_to_keep_the_19_bus_route_in_battersea