Broken Bodies Broken Minds (some disturbing images)

As well as reporting on community issues in and around SW London, we also try to help out charities and causes where we can. This documentary highlights the plight of the stray dog population in Romania and was made for Wetnose Animal Aid with kind support and involvement of Amanda Holden, Peter Egan, Lorraine Chase, and Saffron Replublica. We've submitted thsi video for the House of Commons "Film the House" awards 2015. Please support us and support the many animal charities featured by sharing this far and wide. Thanks you.

Employ Wandsworth – Exhibitor Feedback

Dog Walking (2 of 2) – Peter Harrison, Tooting Bec Common

This is the second of two videos where Keith Maynard chats to a couple of professional dog walkers in South West London. In this report he meets Peter Harrison, and gets his top tip for a healthy happy dog. http://www.harrisons-dogs.co.uk/ @PeterDogWalker Don't miss our other report (1 of 2) which features Sally Russell on Mitcham Common. http://sallyrusselldogleader.co.uk/ sally@sallyrusselldogleader.co.uk

Employ Wandsworth – Exhibitor Feedback